Eyelid plastic surgery

Eyes is the most expressive part of our face. Eyes attract attention and express emotions.

If you suffer from excess eyelid skin, fatty hernia under the eyes, limp eyelid skin, it makes you look tired or angry. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplastics) is a solution for this particular problem. After the evaluation of the patient’s anatomy, condition and expectations, a plastic surgeon will offer the upper or lower eyelid surgery. Often, these surgeries are performed together.


Eyelid surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia, but general anaesthesia is also possible.

The upper eyelids are operated by making the skin incision along the fold of the eyelid. Excess skin and excess fat deposits (‘bags’) are removed. The skin incision is sutured and sealed with a special patch.

The surgery of the lower eyelids includes the inside (transconjunctival) incision of the eyelid lining. Fat is redistributed or removed. In this case, there is no scar on the skin at all.

If you not only have the fatty bags, but also the excess skin under the eyes, then a skin incision below the eyelashes is made and the excess skin is removed.

If the bottom bags are very prominent, and the excess skin is significant, then the lower eyelids are operated in combination with the uplifting of the bottom eyeline. In this case, the skin incision is made below the lower eyelid lashes and several fixation seams are used to lift the upper part of the cheek.

Diagram of fatty bags and incisions

Vokų plastika viršutiniai

Diagram of fatty bags

Vokų plastika apatiniai vokai

Operational risk

Like any intervention, eyelid surgery may have side effects, such as a reaction to the anaesthesia, eye irritation, wound infection, bleeding, scar hypertrophy. Po and tential complications should be discussed with the plastic surgeon during the consultation.

Post-operative period

Healing continues for about two weeks, but in a few days you can return to normal physical activity. Sunglasses help mask the opening area, ​​bruising and swelling that disappears within a few weeks

Eyelid surgery he has a long term effect.

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