Forehead and eyebrow lift

Forehead and eyebrow lift includes balancing of the forehead wrinkles, lifting eyebrows, adjustment of their shape and the ratio with the upper eyelids. It is often performed as part of the full face lift or as a separate procedure.


The surgery is performed through 1-1.5 cm long skin incisions that are performed in hairy part of the forehead, making them invisible. Forehead and brow lifting is performed using an advanced endoscopic technique that allows to perform the surgery through small incisions and with minimal trauma to the tissues. During this operation, not only the skin and wrinkles are lifted and smoothened, but the limp forehead muscles are lifted. Very often, the forehead and brow lift surgery is performed in conjunction with the upper eyelid plastic and fat injections on the face.

With the control of endoscope the muscles pulling the eyebrows down are cut


Operational risk

Forehead and brow lift can have a common side effect such as the reaction to the anaesthesia, postoperative pain, swelling, bruising, eye irritation. and the specific post-operative period – stiff eyebrows and forehead skin insensitivity for several months.

Post-operative period

Patients usually return to normal life after a couple of weeks, but the sensitivity loss in the forehead can last up to half a year.

The forehead lift effect can last for about a decade, but it depends on the patient’s lifestyle.

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