• J. 2020 yr.

    I was searching for the good plastic surgeon for a year and a half, and by advice, found dr.Viksraitis.

    I am such a person that even small details are important for me, and coming to the consultation, before my surgery, took away all my doubts about  choosing a doctor! His private clinic is just perfect, and dr.Viksraitis is such an endearing person. I cant tell anything with what i wouldn't be satisfied, only good and positive feedback! My surgery went very well, results are amazing: natural curvy butt! Since then, there is only one plastic surgeon for me, and its dr.Viksraitis!

  • Ginti 2020 yr.

    I have been looking for a surgeon for the last 5 years. As I am based in UK London, I have researched more than few surgeries over here and was not satisfied with previous patients feedback, before and after photos and obviously the prices. Baltic sea countries are quiet know for their hard working professionals and no wonder I was straight away interested in S.Viksraitis plastic surgery centre in Lithuania. I had been researching about the surgeon to find he has been practising over 27 years and have very positive feedback from all over the Europe, also has indulgent passion to art. Before and after pictures were appealing, good feedback about accommodation. There fore I have decided to do my surgeries here and got a flight with Wizzair to Kaunas. I have had with him 3 procedures (surgeries as you may understand) breast implant change to a different shape, nipple lift, rhinoplasty, and labiaplasty. Dr. Was very knowledge, answered all my questions and insured me about my breast new implant shape, position, after care. Was very firm about my nose job, advising to follow my face structure and seek for a most natural change, was very polite and gentle helping with my famine last surgery,  where obviously I was shy and overwhelmed. Surgeries staff from  the very first moment were more than helpful. The recovery room was modern, literally looked better than 5* hotel,  I was very impressed in the design and all modern features. After care nurses or my nurse in particular Dale (Dalyte) looked after me as I was her own child. I would never even imagine so much care, and affection been given to me by a nurse. So polite, gentle and caring. Highest standard. Made me feel so welcome and important (I came to the surgery alone). At the moment I still have bandages, but what can I see from now everything was made professionally, and VERY precisely. So far I can not see any issues , bruises and surprisingly didn't feel much pain and haven't taken any additional pain killers. I have been given home made dinner and breakfast, very traditional and must say tasty, was offered more. Was helped with my luggage and always had a hot cup of tea near by. So far I am satisfied with overall experience and looking forward to see final results.

  • Catherine O’Driscoll 2019 yr.

    Hello and greetings from Ireland! I am delighted with the results and I wish you continued success with your wonderful gift, as a surgeon. Perhaps I'll see you again in May next year. Stay well and have a Very Happy Christmas.


  • Ronald 2018 yr.

    Without doubt, the finest 5 star clinic within Kaunas, Dr Saulius Viksraitis, is a true artiest of beauty with the kindest and caring nursing staff I ever seen who treated my wife like a VIP superstar.

  • Colleen A. (Ireland) 2016 yr.

    I want to write to thank you all for your care, patience and thoughtfulness during my time at SV Plastic Surgery Centre. The service was second to none. It’s been 3 weeks since my Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery and I’m healing well and loving my results so far. I’ve had plastic surgery abroad before but this was my first time at SV Plastic Surgery Centre and I have to say it was a completely different experience. At the other clinic I used I felt like I was next on a conveyer belt but with Dr Ernest and his team I felt like I everyone really cared and listened. The attention to detail and care was outstanding. All the little details that were lacking with others were so gratefully appreciated especially at a time that can be so nerve wracking. Administrator Ugne’s care and patience with my barrage of questions leading up to my surgery was outstanding and she was so lovely that she came out specially to meet us while we were there. My nurse was there within seconds whenever I needed her during the night and was so gentle and thoughtful. Thank you all so much and I look forward to seeing you all in 2016 for part 2!

  • Kirsikka Kopponen, Presenter 2016 yr.

    We were immediately on the same level with Dr Saulius Viksraitis, and I felt I was in safe hands. Clinic was brigh, modern and elegant. Consultation with Diana went exellent, all the matters were ansvered.
    I recommend Dr Saulius Viksraitis to everyone who wants best surgery possible.

  • Hanna Ranta 2016 yr.

    I recomend Saulius Viksraitis warmly. I visited the clinic with Diana last year. The clinic was very clean and the staff very friendly. I had tought for a long time I need help and I searched internet and found Diana from there. She told me what is possible to do in my case. And consulted dr Viksraitis if she did not know the ansvers.
    We made agreement, and started the journey to Dr Viksraitis clinic. At first I had butterflies in my stomach, but felt safe the entire time.
    At the clinic I felt like I was in a modern hotel, and help was right there if I needed.Also the food was very good!
    After the operation I got to rest and recover in peace. They did not let me go home too early. They constantly checked how I was doing, and when I was recovered enough they let me travel to Finland with Diana.
    In Finland Diana kept contact regularly, and made sure I was ok.
    Im now in better shape than ever!

  • Paulina Twin, Glamour model and fitness athlete 2016 yr.

    I had desided to enlarge my breasts after considering it a ling time. I searched the internet for information, and asked information from my friends. I also went to many consultations.
    In the end I felt very trust worthy to Dians, who is a consultant here in Finland for Dr. Saulius Viksraitis.
    My breasts vere augmented at Dr Viksraitis clinic in Lithuania in the spring of 2012. I have a phobia for surgery, and I have only good things to say about the operation and outcome. My breasts are now in propotion to my body, and fit my sporty lifestyle and look very natural like I wanted. The pain was no issue and aftercare was easy.
    At the hotel like private clinic of Dr Saulius Viksraitis I was served very friendly and personally. Food was great, and my peacefull room was not hospital like at all. I felt I was taken care well and all my questions vere ansvered.
    I recommend warmly all who consider breast augmentation Dr Viksraitis clinic in Lithuania, if you want high class and personal service. I felt really good that they really cared that the outcome was best possible and perfect, and that the patient felt well. If I ever need any other procedure, I dont have to think twise where to go!

  • Heidi Lindblom, Model 2016 yr.

    I wanted to have breast augmentation in a best possible place, even if I had to travel a bit more. It did not matter as it is a surgery that is going to affect on my appearance alot.
    I did not want to travel on my own, so the clinics consultant met me at the Helsinki airport. The flight wa short and we were greeted by the driver who drove us to Saulius Viksraitis clinic in Kaunas. Clinic was comfortable and modern. The staff was great. Dr Viksraitis visited me many times a day after the operation. Im very happy eith the outcome. Everything went great. I can recommend this top clinic to everyone with no hesitation!

  • Julia Suikki 2016 yr.

    I have been dealing with aesthetic surgery since mid 90`s. My work as a beauty editor on Kauneus&Terveys; magazine, has taken me below the surface into the beauty business. Into the world of cosmetics and aesthetic surgery. I have interviewed many plastic surgeons and got to know their work over the years.
    We get many phonecalls to our magazines office and people asking for references, where they should go for aesthetic surgery.
    So on the basis of my knowledge I have given references to many women. Therefore I feel secure enough to give my recommendations for SVplasticsurgerys Saulius Viksraitis.
    My own surgery spiral was harrowing experience.
    I got involved with plasticsurgery in 1998 when I desided to fix my nose which got broken as I was a child. My dear brother had thrown me straight to my nose with icy snowball. Therefore my nose grew into peculiar shape. In that time I was convinced I had to do the operation in Finland by the best nose surgeon awailable.
    And so I did. I trusted the information I had gathered and then got into the spiral of surgeries. This “top” nose surgeon made my nose even more crooked and then after the first operation the same surgeon tried to correct my nose 3 times. The end result was: the upper part of my nose was broad and towards the tip it was super sharp. I was not happy with that kind of a result.The clinics manager doctor said my nose was ok, and there was no reason to try to fix it as it could get worse.
    Thank god I got to know Diana Ball and she told me about great clinic in Lithuania. I dared to go and try to fix my nose ones more, as it could not get any worse. In Kaunas, my trust to plastic surgeon Saulius Viksraitis grew from the first meeting. He displayed photos of noses he had fixed that was severely damaged, in accidets and by birth defect. I was absolutely sure Dr Saulius Viksraitis could fix also my botched nose.
    I paid fraction of what I had allready paid in Finland, and Dr Viksraitis got it fixed absolutely staight and in propotion to my face. He told me the surgery was difficult, but he had fixed even more difficult ones. My nose was fixed atlast in the year 2010.

  • Carrie Williamson, New York 2016 yr.

    Dr. Viksraitis,
    I just wanted to let you know my nose is doing well. It is very symetrical. My eyes are just lovely! I have a lot more confidence then I did before the surgery. My forehead is VERY natural. All in all I am delighted. You really are gifted.

  • Faceache, Liverpool 2016 yr.

    Dr. Vikšraitis,
    such a superb doctor, very experienced very caring and treats you as a person and not just another patient willing to part with money. I would not use any other plastic surgeon. i would recommend this highly skilled surgeon to everyone.

  • Silwia Skowronska, Switzerland 2016 yr.

    My name is Silwia Skowronska 32, travel guide, polish, working in Switzerland. I dedicate this letter to all woman that are concerned about there beauty. I known about Dr. Saulius Viksraitis from my Lithuanian friend, I saw her beautiful breast. She said that this was the work of a very good surgeon in Lithuania. She came with me to clinic. I decided to change my breast too. My breast was completely destroyed: asymmetric, felling down etc. When I saw it few days after operation I couldn’t believe that this was my breast. Doctor understood me perfectly, I didn’t want very big breast, I wanted it to look natural. It was exactly how we spoke, no mistakes at all. I was very happy.
    After 4 months I decided to make liposuction on my legs. I was not glad about the shape of my legs. I came back to Dr.Viksraitis. And again I’m very happy because doctor made exactly how I imagined. I think that in this kind of profession is not enough to be a good surgeon, you have to be an artist, too. Our doctor is a very good specialist, his team is very professional in all fields. I’ll always come back to Kaunas.

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