Ultrasonic fat removal (cavitation)

Cavitation: ultrasound body contouring

Today, cavitation is one of the most effective methods of instant body contouring and excess fat removal. The cavitation effect is caused by low-frequency (25–50 kHz) ultrasonic waves, which form micro-bubbles in the fatty tissue. The bubbles expand, burst and thus damage the fatty cells. The expanding and bursting bubbles rip up the membranes of fatty cells and release the fat contained within. 90 percent of the released fat is absorbed into lymph and 10 percent – into blood. During the procedure, ultrasonic waves selectively decompose the fatty tissue without damaging the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. It breaks up deep layers of fat, shapes the body, improves skin firmness and elasticity. Moreover, the perfect combination of ultrasound and vacuum may stimulate the lymphatic system, improve lymph drainage and toxin elimination, and restore microcirculation and blood circulation. Due to specific structure of fat, the cavitation effect is exerted only on fatty cells, while other tissues, such as muscle fibrils, epidermis cells, and endothelial cells of blood vessels remain intact due to their higher resistance and elasticity. The effectiveness and safety of cavitation has been proven by many scientific studies. Damaged fatty cells do not recover, while diet only reduces the fatty cells in the short run and they regrow as soon as the person starts overeating. The body measurements may be reduced up to 4 cm during one procedure. The handpiece of the machine is moved around the body and has a pleasant warming effect, though sometimes it may cause slight tingling sensation. Improving the body shape only requires 30 minutes once per week. The duration of the course depends on the volume of fat you want to lose. Cavitation is especially effective for clients who are slightly or moderately overweight and its effects are enhanced by massage, including manual lymphatic drainage, physical activity, and moderate eating.

Cavitation helps to change your body shape and reduce the cellulite and unappealing fat deposits. Ultrasonic cavitation does not require surgical intervention and stimulates lipolysis and reabsorption of excess fat without damaging skin elasticity and colour. Ultrasound treatment is suitable for both men and women who wish to improve and shape their bodies without surgery, reduce the volume at certain places, improve the skin structure, and reduce cellulite. The procedure may be performed on the back, abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, and face. All clients note that this procedure does not cause any pain or discomfort. During the procedure, the client feels slight vibration or warmth in the treated area. No special care is required after the procedure and the patient may immediately take a bath, go to work and resume their routine activities.

Three different handpieces are used for the procedures: vacuum, ultrasound, and cavitation. Facial procedures are performed using a special handpiece designed for sensitive skin.

Some body contouring effects become apparent after 2–5 procedures, but a course of 10–15 procedures is recommended for long-term results. The number of procedures depends on your age, general health condition, metabolism, hormonal balance, and the stage of cellulite advancement.

Cavitation is perfect for:

  • Treating cellulite;
  • Reducing excess fat;
  • Improving body contour;
  • Removing lipoma;
  • Reducing the volume of fatty tissue;
  • Correcting the defects after liposuction.

Advantages of ultrasonic cavitation:

  • Removes subcutaneous fatty tissue from virtually any part of the body;
  • Completely safe for surrounding tissue;
  • No pain during or after the procedure;
  • Non-invasive and safe, no anaesthesia, no pain, bruises or scars;
  • Effects visible after 2–5 sessions;
  • No need to wear compression underwear;
  • No washboard effect;
  • No hematomas;
  • The treated area remains sensitive;
  • Performed on an out-patient basis;
  • Guarantee that fat deposits will not reoccur in problem areas;
  • Different from liposuction, the client may resume daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of the procedure:

  • Drink at least 2 litres of water per day, especially on the day before and after the procedure. Drink about 1 litre of mineral water before the procedure.
  • Follow a balanced diet.
  • Massage, active exercising or at least 30 minutes of brisk walking is recommended after the procedure.
  • Recommended number of procedures: 10–15 weekly sessions for the body, 6 weekly sessions for the face, then – one session per month.

Contraindications of cavitation:

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Fat metabolism disorders;
  • Chronic liver and kidney diseases;
  • Immune and blood circulation disorders;
  • Open wounds and other skin lesions;
  • Non-compensated insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus stages;
  • Uterine myoma;
  • Allergic reactions to soy;
  • Chronic infectious diseases;
  • Integrated metal object or silicone gel;
  • After abdominal surgery;
  • Increased genetic sensitivity.


  • Drink about 1 litre of mineral water before the procedure.
  • Lymphatic drainage MUST be performed immediately after cavitation.
  • Therapeutic cosmetic products may not be used for 2 months after the procedure, except aloe or moisturizing cooling cream, which must be purchased after the first procedure.
  • Do not eat spicy food and seafood for several days.
  • Only use cool water to wash the skin.
  • After facial procedures, protective sun cream is recommended as well as a cream suitable for your skin type. Most important is to keep the skin constantly moisturized.

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