Face lift

Face lift is performed to remove prominent ageing changes on the face.

In terms of plastic surgery the face is divided into three parts: the upper, the middle and the bottom. In about the 30-ies years of life wrinkles appear around the eyes, the outer angles of the eyebrows start going down, the skin excess develops on the upper eyelids. People who pout often develop deep vertical wrinkles between the eyes, the edges of the eyebrows all down, tired and angry facial expression appears. In about 40-ties changes in the middle part of the face develop: flatter cheeks, deeper wrinkles at the nose, and the lips. In about 50-ties chin and neck wrinkles form in the submaxillary part of the face.

Signs of facial aging can develop individually to each patient, so the volume of operation may be different. Some patients needed lifting of weak cheeks and adjustment of the loose lower portion of the face, others need the corrections of the lower part of the face and neck.

Face lift techniques

Facial lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia using a typical face lift skin incision in hair and natural skin folds. During the operation, not only the facial skin, but also deeper layers under skin, ligaments and muscles are lifted. Usually the surgery includes the lifting of cheeks, adjustment of the cheek line and the neck folds.

With prominent eye bottom line deformation, loose cheeks and lowered lip corners, advanced endoscopic techniques are additionally refused.

Vertical tissue stretch


Vertical stretch of the skin incision


Postoperative scar healing


Facial proportions before and after


Operational risk

Like with any intervention, face lift can have side effects, such as a reaction to the anaesthesia, eye irritation, wound infection, bleeding, scar hypertrophy. Po and tential complications should be discussed with the plastic surgeon during the consultation.

Post-operative period

Usually patients return to work after 3-4 weeks, but the face finally forms in about six months.

Face lift effect lasts for an average of 7-12 years, but to a large extent depends on the patient’s lifestyle.

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