Breast enhancement with fat

Breast enlargement surgery with fat is a surgery when the patient’s own fat is used to increase her breasts. This surgery has two advantages: firstly, an attractive contour is shaped by removing excess fat and secondly, the injected fat is used to increase the breasts.


It is carried out under general anaesthesia. Fat is sucked from the abdomen and thigh areas, then cleaned and filtered. Later, using the syringe and special needles they are injected in a ray pattern into the breasts.





Post-operative period

Breasts are swollen for 4-5 weeks. The fat finally settles and naturalizes within 3-4 months. Usually up to 50% fat is naturalized.

Operational risk

The surgery of breast enhancement with fat as well as any intervention may have some reaction to the anaesthesia, temporary swelling, a sense of tension, decreased nipple sensitivity, post-operative pain, bruising. Very rarely, bleeding, wound infection, scar hypertrophy may occur.

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