Lip Form Correction

Lip form correction (lip plumping) is applied when a person is not satisfied with the form or contours of his/her lips Also when due to inborn or aging reasons women or men have thin lips. This lips may make face look “naked” or form an image of very strict face.

Due to aging process lips tend to loose collagen and some fat which results in lip wrinkling, loosing smoothness and lack of youthfulness. Lip correction (plumping) is performed by application of safe hyaluron filler injections. This is optimum solution for those who search for long-term but not eternal effect.

Procedure Steps

Lip form correction (plumping) is carried out by using hyaluron acid fillers. It is uncomplicated treatment yet demanding special knowledge and skills.

Before the procedure corrected area is anaesthetized with special cream if necessary and only then very small amounts of filler are injected with very thin needle. After very short and painless treatment patient may return to usual activity immediately, often no side effect is noticed or perceived.


Results of lip or its contour correction with hyaluron acid filler is evident immediately after procedure and remains visible for 10-18 months.

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