Breast lift

Youthful tight, high breasts is a woman’s pride, but often after pregnancy, childbirth it wilts, sags and moves down. When breast tissue is sufficient, this tissue is used to make higher breast. During the operation the nipple is raised, and it can be reduced. The gland cone is formed using wedge-shaped breast tissue cuts and special seams. In most cases, a good result is achieved. If the breast tissue is insufficient for the desired size, the breast implant can additionally be used.


It is carried out under general anaesthesia. The nipple is always cut around and raised. Depending on the degree of breast sagging breast lift may be confined to the removal of breast tissue around the cutting and lifting around the nipple. In case of a moderate s and of the breast, a vertical breast lift is performed. If there is a strong displacement of the breast, an inverted T-shaped lifting is made.

T-shape diagram





Krutu pakėlimas vertikalus

Post-operative period

Usually the patient returns to work after a week; physical activity restrictions should be followed for about a month.

The aesthetic effect is long-term, however, weight changes, pregnancy, age affect the shape of the breast.

Operational risk

Like any intervention, it may be followed with an adverse reaction to anaesthesia, swelling, nipple sensitivity may decrease or be absent. Rarely, bleeding, wound infection, scar hypertrophy may occur.

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