Nose shape correction

These operations aim to eliminate congenital or trauma based nasal deformities, to ensure the harmony of the nose and face …

‘A beautiful face is a silent recommendation’ F.Bacon. Face is a kind of a business card of a person, and the nose is the central and most exterior part of the face. The nose shape can significantly change one’s facial expression, for example: hooked nose is always aging, slightly snug nose and will rejuvenate and exhilarate, post-traumatic nose will bring in the aggressive tone.

Before the surgery

During the consultation the patient’s nose and face are generally analysed. This assessment is made to the profile and the tip deflection, examination on possible curvature of the nose axis, assessment of the width of the nose is carried out, angles of the lips-nose, and the nasal-frontal angles are evaluated.

For optimum operation result the patient’s and the surgeon’s uniform understanding of the expected post-operative outcome is essential. The consultation includes digital photography and computer simulation of the operation results, assessment of the respiratory history, the forms of nasal examination.


The surgery is performed through incisions inside the nasal mucosa (Fig. 1). In more complex cases, additional section in the nasal septum is made (Fig. 2). During the operation, adjustments are made to the cartilage tip of the nose or the bone-cartilage nose deformity, and if necessary, the nasal axis curvature.

Finally, incisions are sutured and the special patch and a special splint is applied to support the desired nose shape, while the bone rules.

1 pav.


2 pav.


Operational risk

Like any intervention, correction of the nose may have undesirable effects, such as the reaction to anaesthesia, eye irritation, postoperative pain, wound infection. You can discuss possible complications or other adverse reactions with the plastic surgeon during the consultation.

Post-operative period

Healing usually lasts for several weeks, but the splint is removed after a week. Bruising remains for about 2 weeks, swelling space a little longer. Nasal trauma should be avoided for 3-4 months, but physical activity is allowed 2-3 weeks after surgery. The final aesthetic result is visible only after healing (1 to 1.5 years), but the shape changes are visible almost immediately after surgery.

Effect of the operation is long-term.

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