Facial implants

Cheek implants – cheek enhancement

An expressive face is one of the most important woman’s beauty symbols. Many girls and women are not satisfied with their face shape. Plastic surgeon using cheek implants not only may increase the volume of the cheeks, but raise the slackened facial tissues. Facial implants are used both after facial traumas and to change facial proportions in case of disharmony of different parts of the face. Cheek implants come in different shapes and sizes. They are made from special high-technology medical materials in use for many years. The most suitable candidates for this surgery are those who are psychologically stable and have realistic postoperative expectations.

Cheek implant procedure and recovery. The surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia, with sedation or under general anaesthesia. The incision is made in the oral mucosa (it is invisible) above the upper teeth. The lodge is formed for the mouth implant in the depths of the tissue. The appropriately sized implant is inserted. The cut is sutured with soluble suture. Swelling and minor bruising may last for up to 2 weeks. After 2 weeks the patient can return to the social environment. The face will be swollen, but slightly. The facial contour will develop after four months.

Chin implant – chin enhancement

Ever since antique times, developed chin was a characteristics of strong personality. In the modern context, “strong” chin is one of the signs of facial beauty. Chin enhancement surgery is a procedure that helps thousands of people to change the contour of the face and achieve the right balance of facial proportions.





Who are the best candidates for this operation?

The best candidates for chin enhancement surgery are patients with a bevelled or a small chin. If you have a chin that looks too small compared with other facial features, chin enhancement surgery would also help you. For example: chin implant can improve the neck line and make the big nose look smaller. This will help to balance the facial features. It may also improve the rounded face and neck.

For men, the chin should be close to or near the red line. For women, the chin should be a few millimetres away from the red line.

How the chin enhancement is made?

Chin implant can be inserted through a concealed skin incision under the chin (A) or through a small incision inside the mouth (B). The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. After the incision of the skin or mucous membranes. Chin soft tissues with a periosteum are divided to form a lodge for the implant. The implant is fixated with special screws or sutures. The incision is covered in an inside seam.

Operational risk

Facial implant surgery as well as any intervention may have some reaction to the anaesthesia, temporary swelling, a feeling of tension, post-operative pain and bruising. Very rarely, bleeding, wound infection, scar hypertrophy may occur.

Lip enhancement

Due to hereditary or ageing factors women or men may have thin lips on his face. Thin lips on the face cause the “naked” and rigid facial impression. Lip enhancement can be made using hyaluronic acid products (temporary, lasting 6-12 months).

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