Hyaluron Acid Injections

Hyaluron acid molecule is a natural, one of the main components of human skin, which is able to hold great amount of water in itself. As time passes skin structure changes, skin looses its firmness and tissue volume. Due to this facial contour is affected. Injectable fillers (Hyaluron product RADIESSE) are the most popular for noninvasive facial contour correction and filling of lost tissue volume. This formula is used not only for skin wrinkles treatment but also may provide an effect of face “streching”. Depending on the facial area and wrinkle type plastic surgeon or dermatologist chooses required product.

Procedure Steps

Before the procedure corrected area is anaesthetized with special ointment. Several injections applied to fill face wrinkles, cheeks or facial defect. Slight swelling or redness may be experienced for several days.

It is recommended to repeat treatment after 6-8 months, as hyaluron splits and removes itself from the body. More detailed information will be provided and most suitable product will be advised to you during personal consultation.

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