Mesotherapy: a perfect choice for improving skin condition

The aim of aesthetic mesotherapy is to improve skin condition and nurture it from within. No cream is able to provide the skin with so many active substances as mesotherapy. Laboratoires FILORGA NCTF mesotherapy products are first and foremost distinguished by the effectiveness of treatment, which is achieved by the formula developed over the course of 30 years. The results have been substantiated by both in vivo and in vitro clinical trials (in vivo trials were carried out by an external laboratory Bioalternatives, Genҫay (86), 2007). Since Laboratoires FILORGA meets ISO standards for pharmaceutical companies, their mesotherapy products are CE certified (registered as medical products in Lithuania). This ensures that the products are clean and safe. Moreover, instead of using high temperature, the product is sterilized by a double membrane filter, which ensures better preservation of natural qualities and biological absorption (perfect size for cell absorption) of active ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants).

In aesthetic cosmetology, mesotherapy is used for:

  • Skin ageing (prevention and treatment)
  • Photoageing
  • Dry, atonic skin
  • Wrinkles Dull and smoker’s skin
  • Oily skin with enlarged pores
  • Loose skin that has lost its elasticity
  • Increased skin pigmentation
  • Eye bags and dark circles
  • Double chin
  • Cellulite, stretch marks
  • Hair loss (after stress, giving birth, in case of focal or androgenetic hair loss)
  • Weak, brittle, dull hair
  • Scars (post-acne, post-trauma).


The formula of NTCF mesotherapy products was designed to ensure the desired effects: antioxidant effect on skin and endothelium cells and stimulation of cell metabolism and hydration. The cocktails contain vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, coenzymes, and nucleic acids found in cellular DNA and RNA. These components help protect the skin against ageing, stop the ageing processes and restore the skin structure.


Anti-ageing mesotherapy is a versatile treatment, which slows down the ageing and removes its causes. Mesotherapy is a biological skin treatment method, which requires at least 5 procedures for noticeable rejuvenation results. The results are already evident after the first treatment session: the skin is saturated with moisture and its tone is improved. Halfway through the treatment course, the skin colour becomes more even and radiant. The skin structure is regenerated and it becomes more elastic and firm. The face looks younger and small wrinkles are evened out.

Clinically proven effectiveness

Results after a course of 5 treatment procedures*

+72%  WRINKLES AND FINE LINES decreased in 67% of the cases
+103% SKIN TONE improved in 73% of the cases
+132%  MOISTURE LEVEL improved in 83% of the cases
+144% SKIN RADIANCE improved in 88% of the cases

* Results of a clinical trial conducted by 17 French scientists with 40 patients (aged 29–80) who were administered 5 injections of NCTF135HA®.

  • Mesotherapy is perfect for those who avoid invasive procedures, which require a long healing period, and want a quick procedure and instant results.
  • Mesotherapy may cause slight skin redness or unevenness, which quickly disappear (within 30 minutes to several hours, depending on skin sensitivity and speed of active ingredient absorption). Another advantage of mesotherapy is that the patient may resume daily routine and appear in public immediately after treatment.

Mesotherapy is not recommended:

  • For pregnant women;
  • In case of acute skin diseases or exacerbation of chronic skin diseases;
  • In case of blood coagulation disorders; In case of some neurological diseases (e.g., epilepsy);
  • Immediately after surgery;
  • If the patient is intolerant to any of the product components.

Some people may develop small bruises after mesotherapy, but they generally disappear within 5–7 days.

The number of procedures is determined based on skin condition and age of the patient. The recommended treatment course is 5–10 procedures. The procedures are performed every 7–14 days. After 5 procedures, they may be performed 1–2 times per month.

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