Restoration of forearm bone integrity (osteosynthesis)

Restoration of bone integrity or osteosynthesis of forearm and hand bones

Osteosynthesis is the restoration of anatomical and physiological integrity of bone using special implants – medical screws and plates.

Surgery is performed for:

  • Treatment of bone fracture;
  • Non-healed or abnormally healed fractures;
  • Damage to major arteries or veins due to fracture;
  • Formation of false joint.


During the surgery, bones are connected by metal implants, such as screws, plates, intramedullary rods, and wires. Metal implants ensure stability in the bone healing process and prevent the dislocation of fractured bone fragments. The surgery is generally performed under regional or general anaesthesia and takes between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours.

Surgery-associated risk

Like any intervention, osteosynthesis may have adverse effects: reaction to anaesthesia, post-operative pain, infection, and allergy to metalwork. Possible complications and other adverse reactions may be discussed with the surgeon during consultation.

Post-operative period

The wound has to be redressed 1–2 times a week. Immobilisation for 4–6 weeks by cast or plastic splint. The sutures are removed after 10–14 days. The capacity to work is restored after the bones are fully healed, i.e. in 3 months. Metalwork is removed one year after the surgery when the bones are fully healed.

* The precise scope of surgery, treatment and care of wounds, medication, and rehabilitation are discussed during surgeon’s consultation taking into account the complexity and duration of the surgery and the patient’s health condition. The total price of the surgery is calculated by adding up the following components:

  • Cost of surgery;
  • Nursing;
  • Cost of anaesthesia;
  • Additional means necessary for certain surgeries (optic fibre, screws, etc.).

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