Morton’s neuroma

The main symptom is unbearable burning pain or numbness in the ball of the foot below the toes when walking. The pain disappears when sitting down. This condition is very common among overweight women. There are different treatment methods which depend on the stage of the disease. Generally, conservative treatment or surgery is applied.


The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia of the foot and takes up to one hour. Depending on the location of the neuroma, the incision is made in the plantar or dorsal surface of the foot.

Surgery-associated risk

For most patients the pain in the sole is relieved, but the patients may no longer feel half of the third and fourth toe (depending on the location of the neuroma), i.e., the parts of toes innervated by respective nerves, because the nerve branches are removed along with the neuroma. Removal of nerve branches does not have major influence on the quality of life – it does not cause a limp or changes in gait, only numbness.

Post-operative period

After surgery, the wound is redressed once a day. Medication against pain and swelling is recommended. The sutures are removed after 12-14 days. The patient may tread on the foot on the next day following the surgery.


The precise scope of surgery, treatment and care of wounds, medication, and rehabilitation are discussed during surgeon’s consultation taking into account the complexity and duration of the surgery and the patient’s health condition. The total price of the surgery is calculated by adding up the following components:

  • Cost of surgery;
  • Nursing;
  • Cost of anaesthesia;
  • Additional means necessary for certain surgeries (optic fibre, screws, etc.).

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