Knee arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is performed in case of:

  • Tear of meniscus;
  • Loose bodies in the joint;
  • Cartilage chondromalacia;
  • Tear of ligament.
  • Surgery is necessary when the defect causes pain, jamming, limp, restriction of motion or interferes with your daily activities and sports.


During the surgery, an arthroscope is inserted into the ankle joint through a small incision of 0.5–1 cm. One or two similar incisions are made for arthroscopic instruments. The joint is inspected using the inserted arthroscope and the lesions are found and eliminated.

Post-operative period

Post-operative recommendations depend on the lesion of the knee joint.

* The precise scope of surgery, treatment and care of wounds, medication, and rehabilitation are discussed during surgeon’s consultation taking into account the complexity and duration of the surgery and the patient’s health condition. The total price of the surgery is calculated by adding up the following components:

  • Cost of surgery;
  • Nursing;
  • Cost of anaesthesia;
  • Additional means necessary for certain surgeries (optic fibre, screws, etc.).

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